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Oklahoma museum plans grown-up 'Star Wars' fun

By Ken Raymond February 18, 2013

A short time from now, in a museum not far away, the “Star Wars” universe will come alive.

Old resentments forgotten, Jedi knights and stormtroopers will bond over adult beverages in the Mos Eisley cantina. Greedo, miraculously reborn, may hang out with Han Solo, discussing who shot first (it was Han).

They'll watch lightsaber duels and participate in an experiment designed to see if anyone actually could survive being frozen in carbonite. They'll nibble on Wookiee Cookies, sip Yoda Soda and eat Obi-Wonton dumplings.

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“Science of Star Wars” is an event almost certain to cause a disturbance in the Force — and it'll be for one night only at Science Museum Oklahoma.

“This is a new program I created just this year,” said Emily Rothrock, the museum's director of interpretive programs and events. “This is our second ever adults-only event” and the first to center on George Lucas' space opera.

“Costumes are encouraged but not necessary,” Rothrock said. “The point is to learn more about ‘Star Wars' science and celebrate fandom. It's not like a dance party or a club party. It's just a chance for people to get together and share their love of the movies.”

Members of Jedi-OKC and the 501st Legion will make sure everyone's favorite “Star Wars” characters are represented. The 501st Legion is a national costuming organization whose members identify exclusively with the evil galactic empire led by Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Jedi-OKC members dress up as heroes and villains, so expect to see Luke, Han, Leia, Qui-Gon Jinn and more.

Lighthearted science experiments promise to add to the fun. In an area devoted to Yoda's mucky planet of Dagobah, participants will learn to make “swamp goo.” They'll learn how to make giant smoke rings, utilize green screen technology, grow crystals and more. They'll even learn how to build $60 hovercrafts at home.

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